African Women’s Rights are Human Rights

16-days-empowerment-8Since Hilary Clinton’s famous declaration in 1995 that ‘Women’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women’s Rights’, the political world has fought to establish widespread, and sometimes radical, gender reforms. We’ve had the Millennium Development Goals and now we have the Sustainable Development Goals. We’ve had the #HeforShe campaign and even the online revolution of #blackgirlmagic. Yet, African Women are too often either forgotten, or portrayed as submissive victims in a patriarchal world. Imagined as either righteous queens or victims of military rape, the ideas that surround us are often reductive, limited and silencing. Even as our sisters are making progress, the priorities, concerns and often voices of African women and girls aren’t given the necessary platforms to influence the agendas, policies and campaigns that would advance our attempts to claim our full Human Rights.



Until the words and actions of African women and girls are taken into account and acted upon, the dream for global gender equality by 2030 will only ever be that – a dream. The TuWezeshe Akina Dada Project acknowledges this need to place the voices, experiences, desires and knowledge of African women and girls at the front and centre of all actions to redress gender inequality – especially regarding gender based violence. We know the importance of equipping African women and girls to be the leaders, advocates, cultural change-makers and activists that will really turn the world upside down for the good of all humankind.

So here we are, claiming our rights and freedoms. Join us for the journey.

3 thoughts on “African Women’s Rights are Human Rights

  1. Naana Otoo-Oyortey Executive Director, FORWARD says:

    Am really excited to be part of this partnership journey and want to reach out to everyone to be part of this new action in empowering our sisters. Today FORWARD is also supporting a young women’s leadership training in Freetown, Sierra Leone to be take up action in their community. Many thanks to our funders who believe in our cause.. Dont be silent be part of this journey of change for a better world for African women and girls!!!!!! LETS GO BEYOND 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM….


  2. Christine says:

    I also would like to be part of this ministry. to reach out to those sisters who feel they are neglected and is the end of life. To encourage them to move on with life confidently and with an optimistic mind.


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