I am me ~ A Poem

Black Girl Anxious

The sweat between my palms

Sweat under my arms

And the constant urge to go to the toilet.

Speak louder they say

You’re African and Africans are not shy

Speak with confidence they say

You were great!

I wish I could speak like you they say

You have no reason to be nervous

But I just can’t help it.

Constantly conscious of my self-image

Always in a cycle of self-doubt

Filled with psychological wounds that are self-inflicted

Timer ready to self-destruct

But I know that my heart is pumped with self-love

So why do I spend time on self-hate?

Is it because of pressures of never being good enough?

The unachievable standards society has set for girls like me?

Scared of letting people down

Or it is all in my head?

I am amazing

I am me

anxiety is a part of me

But I will not let it define me.


Words By Kuki.

Artwork by @KirzArt

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