Opportunities: Tuwezeshe Fellowship 2017

Tuwezeshe Akina Dada Afica-UK Young Women’s Empowerment Movement is an international project funded by Comic Relief’s Common Ground Initiative with the aim of mobilising young women to be agents of change within their communities in the campaign against gender-based violence.

Please see Applications to apply for the UK fellowship programme. For more information on how you can be involved see below.


The one year fellowship offers participants the opportunity to gain core leadership skills, to be mentored by an established woman-leader and to implement their own, funded, project. As part of our commitment to improving the visibility and profile of young African-women leaders, participants will have the chance to shape sexual and gender-based violence policy, network with other inspiring young women leaders across East Africa and the UK and share their ideas, voices and stories on a range of national and international platforms.

Deadline: 25th July 2017


We know that behind every strong woman is a lineage of strong women, which is why mentoring is essential to our program and our participants. By pairing young women with those who are already established in their fields, we hope to equip participants with the skills, confidence, knowledge and power necessary to transform their lives and communities. As mentors you will have the unique opportunity to partner with us by investing in and forging meaningful relationships and networks that will develop you as leaders and innovators in your own right as well as ensuring the fight for women’s rights and freedoms transitions from idea to reality.

Deadline: 25th July 2017


We believe it is essential that young women’s voices are at the centre of our work and at the forefront of our project. This is why we are establishing a Young Women’s Advisory Panel (YWAP) who will hold the project to account, advising us on how best to implement our activities and, more importantly, how best to support our participants. As members of the YWAP you will have the unique opportunity to shape an international project from the inside, gaining skills that will support your development as leaders and innovators in your own right as well as supporting the fight  for women’s rights and freedoms.

Deadline: 25th July 2017

To apply click here



28 thoughts on “Opportunities: Tuwezeshe Fellowship 2017

  1. Mary E. Torongei says:

    as an African’s girls we have to know our rights , empower ourselves and be the source of change in our communities..


  2. Vivian Alfred dausoni says:

    I really appreciate twaze’s efforts and struggling to fight and against all sorts of women’s🚺 violence, oppression and humiliation based on gender as well as bringing hand forth together in empowering and capacity building of an African woman 👩


  3. Elizabeth Akinyi says:

    Health in general must be given a priority by any nation through good governance,and also women n PLHIV are facing GBV in all aspects ,I believe inspite of Al empowerment is key.


  4. Weddy Karwitha says:

    It about time we get rid of Male chauvinism and Make sure the ladies impact is felt worldwide…
    It abouts time we get rid of women circumsicision.



    This is a great idea, I would like to ask,young women leaders is between which age? means from how many years to how many years?


    • tuwezeshe says:

      Hi Janeth, if you are in the UK and you want to be a participant then it is young women between the ages of 18-26. If you are on the continent then it is young women between the ages of 18-35. However, if you would like to be a Mentor there is no upper limit and if you would like to be part of the UK Advisory Panels then it’s 18-35. I hope that’s not confusing, you can find all the information on the application forms. We look forward to hearing from you!! https://tuwezeshe.org/applications/


  6. Janet Akiteng says:

    This is an amazing opportunity that truly aligns with my dream of being a change agent in my community.Thank you Tuwezeshe and looking forward to succeeding in the application process


  7. Esther wanjiru says:

    Hello i am a gender student at Egerton university on my final semester ,i would like to have the opportunity to join you to support and empower girls and women in the society and in the world at large it still my part of my education and career am so passionate about help and empowering women to be good leaders of tomorrow and to be involved in the decision making process, i kindly hope to get a chance.


    • tuwezeshe says:

      Hi Esther, it’s great to hear from you. Currently only our London training still has spaces. It is open to UK residents, so if you are a resident or student in the UK then please apply, we look forward to working with you.


    • tuwezeshe says:

      Dear Hamii,

      Sadly our Kenyan training has already taken place but please reach out to our partners Young Women’s Leadership Institute to see how you can be better involved.


  8. mariam yusuf florence says:

    Am in Kenya and was almost done with my application wanted to submit then i saw the note of application through your country base organisation and am wondering kenyans cant apply for these fellowship>


    • tuwezeshe says:

      Hi Mariam,

      Thanks for your interest. Our Kenyan training has already taken place, but if you contact our partners Young Women’s Leadership Institute, there may be other ways you can be involved


  9. Aika Robert says:

    Can I still apply in Tanzania, I receive the information today after the deadline,Am kindly asking for that.

    I would like also to have updates on this information.


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